2016 End of Year BBQ

We want to recognize these wonderful companies for helping donate to our school to help make our 2016 End of Year BBQ even better!!!!! 
We appreciate you all so much and are so very lucky to be part of such a giving community!

Home Depot  -  Donated a brand new Grill with propane tank included!  Thank you Patrick!

Lowe's - Donated a 10-gallon Water Cooler to help serve more beverages!  Thank you Beth!

Franz Bakery -  Donated over 300 hamburger and hotdog buns!  Thank you Nancy!

True Value Hardware -  Donated yellow rope (for our 2016 Graduation) and a new staple gun for us to post game posters up for Field Day!  Thank you Dee Dee!

Evergreen Fire Department -  Rented us a dunk tank so we could dunk a few of the faculty members!  Thank you Ben!