Athletics Handbook & Philosophy

Golden Tickets:  Golden tickets are a tool we use to help students maintain academic eligibility during the course of our sports programs.  This allows for open communication for students, teachers, parents and the athletic director.  

Thursday-Athletic Director checks students grades in all core classes (ELA, History, Math, P.E. and Science).  Any students not passing a core class with a C- or above will receive a "Golden Ticket" which lists what courses they are not currently passing and shows any missing/low assignments.  They are then given the chance to communicate with teachers about assignments that are missing and/or affecting their grade.  Students are given the weekend to work on improving this grade.

Monday-Students turn in any missing/makeup work to teachers to receive signatures from the teachers that say they have received work from the students and will grade in due time.  Students will then turn in "Golden Ticket" signed by teachers and parents to the Athletic Director by Noon who will then determine whether or not the student athlete has done what is required to  reach eligibilty for the week.  The process will then begin again on Thursday.    

Athletics Handbook