School Board

Mr. Kevin Fritz, Board Chair

I have lived in the Helena Flats School District for nearly 40 years, and am a proud Alumn. I work at Applied Materials as part of their global information technology team, and support local 4-H, Girl Scouts, and youth sports during my off hours. In addition, I have a small 3rd generation grain farm that I work during the summer. I have 3 beautiful daughters and a very hard working wife who spends a lot of her time with the girls for scouts, PTO, and music lessons.

I believe education is one of the most important assets we can provide to our children, to enable them to be successful adults. Most take it for granted, but it can be the difference between staying employed or not. School should provide kids with opportunities, core basic education, and a passion to learn. I want Helena Flats to reach beyond the basics and provide a superior education to the youth of our community.

Mrs. KaiEllen Bucher, Trustee

My grass doesn’t stay green long and I have no living flowers or house plants. I have absolutely no ability to grow anything but girls, which is good because my husband and I have four girls. I’m not overly sensitive about my inability to grow anything but girls. There are only twenty-four hours in every day, so the purchase of synthetic plants and a summer where the grass is brown towards the end are acceptable exchanges in order to excel in my true passion…raising our girls. Why would I worry about the “plant thing” when we are the proud parents of four intelligent, capable, conscientious girls who have all attended, or are currently attending, Helena Flats School. In addition to being a mother and a wife, I am a business partner in a healthcare consulting company that provides services within the state and the nation. In tangent with the other Helena Flats Board Trustees, each part of my life is the experience I bring to the Helena Flats School Board.

As a parent, I know every child deserves to receive a superior education in a safe environment. As a resident of Montana, I know that the future decision makers are sitting in the desks at Helena Flats School. As a Board Trustee, these are weighty ideals with a considerable amount of responsibility. I am, however, ok with the responsibility because I know I am in good company with the parents of the Helena Flats students, the teachers, the staff, the administrators, and the Board Trustees. I firmly believe it does take a village to raise a child and our “village” has a lot to offer in providing a superior education in a safe environment.

Lacie Hardy, Trustee

Keith Nelson, Vice-Chair


Crystal Christoferson, Trustee

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